Saturday, September 21, 2013

Petition to the Grants Pass City Council and Manager

Stop profiting from hazard abatements; enforce nuisance codes.

WHEREAS a long-stated goal of the city of Grants Pass is “to be a city that looks safe and is safe;”
WHEREAS the basic function of government is to maintain order;
WHEREAS weeds and litter are disorderly and encourage disorderly criminal conduct;
WHEREAS uncontrolled weeds are an extreme and spreading fire hazard, and we have had grass and brush fires in the city;
WHEREAS enforcement of our weed and litter nuisance code would eliminate such hazard;
WHEREAS warning people to clean up small nuisances makes the city no money, as people readily comply;
WHEREAS the city charges 10% over cost for hazard abatement;
WHEREAS this profit is a disincentive to enforce nuisance codes;
WHEREAS every hazardous property that must be abated is a failure to enforce nuisance codes and keep basic order;
WHEREAS our Charter mandates enforcement of all city codes;
THEREFORE, we, the undersigned voters of Grants Pass, respectfully request that the Grants Pass City Council direct our City Manager to eliminate the 10% administrative fee for hazardous property abatement and have all public safety officers enforce weed and litter nuisance codes on sight.

This petition is available for signing and copies at the Growers Market political ghetto entrance between 10:30 AM and 1:00 PM Saturdays, and is being circulated door-to-door.