Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Vote No on Measure 91! Marijuana speech 33

Honorable Public Servants,

As I told you last week, I have resumed smoking marijuana in the evenings after work.  I found that, after two weeks without it, I was progressively more depressed, to the point where good things that happened to me could not lift my mood.  It is my anti-depressant; that’s why it became my drug of choice and caused me to lose my taste for alcohol when I smoked it in college. 

I have read Measure 91 in the Voters Pamphlet.  It seems to be written by the tobacco companies for their profit and for people who don’t like pot but want to tax it for their benefit.  Look at the endorsements in the Voters Pamphlet; it includes many people who formerly were stridently anti-pot.

The proposed tax is a black-market-sized markup at $35 per ounce, paid by the growers.  It will revive our in-state black market, as unlicensed growers will easily be able to beat the taxed price.  Some licensed growers will also be tempted to sell part of their crop untaxed.

The limit on private possession is only ½ pound per household.  A half-pound per year is only enough for one who smokes only in the evenings.  It will oppress the poor who grow by natural light, and must often live several adults to a household.  It allows sharing only one ounce at a time with another household, so one could not efficiently give it away to friends and relatives legally.  And yet the 4 plants allowed can easily yield 2 pounds, so poor people will be busted for possessing too much, while only trying to supply their own household. 

It seems to be written for out-of-state corporations like tobacco companies because it allows an unlimited number of licenses “per person” all along the chain of production, processing, wholesaling and retailing, and “persons” includes corporations.  With the high taxes and heavy reporting regulations, it will allow out-of-state corporations to take over our legal pot market.

It also includes a definition of “marijuana extracts” that specifically excludes vegetable glycerin as a solvent, but is non-exclusive regarding other named and unnamed solvents, extracts of which are forbidden.  Glycerin is used in nicotine vaporizing mixtures and can be used for vaping extracted cannabis resins as well.

We who like our weed and/or hate the black market should wait for a better offer.  We are allowed to make up to 200 gallons of alcohol per year without a license.  Marijuana should not be more tightly regulated and taxed than alcohol.

Marijuana Speech #33, to the Josephine County Commissioners and Grants Pass City Council, 10/15/14. Online at http://current-news-you-can-use.blogspot.com

#Measure91 will oppress the poor and enrich corporations.  @AnRycke