Sunday, October 12, 2014

Wait for a better offer on "legalizing" pot

Letter to the The Daily Courier


As a daily pot smoker, I will vote against Measure 91.  It allows only ½ pound of dried marijuana per household, barely enough for one user who smokes only in the evenings.  This will allow police to oppress the poor, who often have to live several adult consumers to a household.  It likewise allows one to give away only one ounce per recipient, restricting sharing between households.

The tax is too high at $35 per ounce, and can be raised at any time by the OLCC, which will have a conflict of interest in regulating a product that directly competes with liquor, which it sells in its own stores. 

The regulations are too tight.  Failure to file a monthly sales report would mean that the state would file for one and demand the tax they think one should pay.  Penalties for other violations are draconian, including forfeiture of all property in any way connected with a marijuana business, up to and including one’s home. 

It also allows unlimited licenses to “persons” all along the chain of production, processing, and sales, allowing out-of-state corporations to take over our commercial pot business, because such regulations are easier for big corporations to comply with.

This is written to bribe and mollify those who dislike pot.  We who like it should wait for a better offer.  We can make and possess up to 200 gallons of alcohol without a license.  Allowances for home growing and gifts of pot should be similarly generous.


Rycke Brown, Natural Gardener